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Kitchen and Household Appliances

I first started in Plumbing, installing Kitchen Appliances, being recommended by a Washing_Machine.JPGlarge departmental store, which unfortunately went into liquidation. Being recommended meant I had to provide a first class service for their customers. Now-days unfortunately large kitchen and household appliances are installed by the driver. Big mistake.

They only install if the existing appliance has been disconnected, they don't have to do any electrical or plumbing changes, which unfortunately leaves YOU in the disappointing and arkward position of finding an installer.


At this time I would have loved to have a shop supplying and installing kitchenDishwasher.JPG appliances, as we did and still do give an excellent service, with a comprehensive knowledge of the pitfalls encountered installing washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and hobs, fridges and freezers. The overheads though could not justify my core business, of Plumbing and Heating installations. Until Now.

With an on-line Internet store I can offer, not only kitchen and household appliances throughout the UK, but for local customers I can also provide the installation service as well. Fitting same day, and the old appliance taken away.


Cooker.JPGOrdering therefore could not be simpler. Click on a picture to go to my on-line store, order your replacement appliance, and if your local, contact us below for installation details.

All the product promotions detailed are the top rated, recommended kichen and household appliances, by review sites and therefore are advertised by Moggridge Plumbing Services. Please click on the links to see our range.

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Moggridge_Plumbing_Appliances.jpgCheck out the offers on all our range of kitchen white goods. From Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Ovens & Hobs, Fridges and Freezers to Microwaves and Accessories. Top rated items, recommended and at competitive prices. 

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