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Plumbing & Heating - 2yr Guarantee

We can offer this exceptional 2yr guarantee, because we are confident in our quality of work, and after-care service. This we have proven time and time again, ensuring your plumbing and heating installation, is correctly fitted and maintained. Our experienced and qualified, plumbing and heating engineers, are available to deal with any problems you may encounter, no matter how small.


We only ask that you do your part, and contact us when you notice a fault, and that your appliances that require regular servicing, are maintained as per the manufacturers instructions. Boiler servicing and heating repairs especially, will ensure maximum efficiency throughout the years to come .


The rest is down to us.

Philip Moggridge

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • The plumbing and heating work carried out is guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 24 calendar months from the date of installation subject to the following conditions and exceptions

  • That during the period of this guarantee any materials which are proved to be faulty or defective in manufacture will be exchanged or repaired free of material charges and free of labour charges if repaired directly by Moggridge Plumbing Limited

  • Invoices for attendance and repair by third parties will not be accepted for payment by Moggridge Plumbing Limited

  • That the householder may be asked to prove the date of work carried out, that the installation had not been altered in any way by the householder or third party and that any appliances not installed by P Moggridge Plumbing Services was correctly commissioned and that the annual service at the end of the 1st year of installation has been carried out to the satisfaction of Moggridge Plumbing Limited, when requested

  • The guarantee must be registered within 30 days of installation

  • That Moggridge Plumbing Limited will not accept responsibility for damage caused by third parties faulty installation, neglect, misuse or accidental damage, and the non-observance of the instructions contained in any Installation and Users Instructions leaflets

  • That the installation/appliance has been used only for normal domestic purposes for which it was designed

  • This guarantee excludes any manufacturers guarantee or warranty


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