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Greenstar_CDi_condensing_combi_boiler_resized.jpgBuying a New Boiler - Step by Step Guide

Having any tradesman in can be traumatic for some people. After all we may not have a clue how the work is done or how much it's going to cost. Do we trust in the Gods and hope they are Professionals, that they say they are, or do we try and narrow down the odds, and hope that the 'Cowboy' doesn't turn up to lasso us in.

As a tradesman myself I have a certain empathy for the layman. It should be down to us 'Professionals' to waylay your fears and hopefully put trust back into our society. I therefore decided to write a short 'Check-list' for when you decide to pluck up the courage to change your boiler. Perhaps you can look it over and give some feedback on how I could improve it. Anyway this is what I wrote.


Buying or changing your boiler is one of the major purchases you will make for your home. You therefore need to take a few cautionary steps to ensure that the new boiler is not only reliable and has a good manufacturer's backup, but also that the installing company are reliable and provide a good after sales service. After all, if you haven't had dealings with a company before, then you obviously will be wary. I know I would.

So I hope this check list will be of help, whether you have my company install your new boiler, or one of our competitors. I have not gone deeply into each and ever type of boiler here, and all the different combinations of systems, but I hope it will give you a starting point.

If you can get a recommendation from a friend or family all the better. Even just speaking with family, friends and work colleagues can help. What boiler or system do they have. If not..

Look at websites or publications that advertise trades that have been vetted, like 'Checkatrade'. They already have confirmed that they have liability Insurance, are Gas Safe registered, and are qualified for the work you require. In addition, they will or may have, previous customer feedback that you can browse.

Check a few of the companies websites. They will all be telling you how good they are, but look beyond that. Check for prices, warranty periods and guarantee periods.

Choose the best three companies you feel are genuine. They will need to make a site visit, which could take initially up to a hour, so plan ahead a convenient time suitable to you.

Either call the company or email them to arrange a visit. If they respond promptly , are helpful, polite and understanding then your one step closer. They should all give a written quotation. Verbal is not enough.

On the site visit ask what boiler and model they intend to supply and do they have any details. All boilers now are energy efficient, so that's one less thing to worry about. The reason for this is that you can compare details later with other quotes, and if you wish check the models out on the web, for any inherent problems, others may have experienced. The quotes will all differ in costs. A high cost may not necessarily be the best with the best quality boiler. A very cheap deal is probably just that you pay for what you get! Again you can check out what boilers are the better ones on independent comparison / review websites.

Are you happy with the location of the boiler. If not ask for alternative locations.

Check how long the work will take and how soon they would be able to start. Up to a day is normal for a straight change if done correctly including flushing and commissioning.

When the quote arrives, check to ensure all charges include the boiler, all sundries, labour, removal of all waste, and any remedial work. Have they included a warranty, guarantee and confirmation the boiler will be notified? (You will receive certification that this is done from 'Gas Safe'). Check for any terms and conditions.

Once you have chosen your company, arrange for the work to be done.

DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE. By all means pay them for materials once you have the materials delivered, but do not pay the remainder until all the work is completed and you are satisfied.

Ensure they explain all the controls to you, and what to do if a problem should occur.

I hope these points are of help, and your ordering of a new boiler is not too traumatic. If we can help just give us a call, we would be pleased to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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Good Luck

Philip Moggridge