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Worried About Changing Your Boiler?

Then stop surfing for a minute, and let us help you.man_in_living_room.JPG

  You will come across on-line quotes for a new boiler or heating installation, but they are only a guide; to entice you. To be fair to you, there are too many variables to consider, to accurately predict what the cost, type and size of boiler, would be right for your circumstances.

  To ensure your new boiler meets with your expectations of efficiency, cost saving and reliability, boiler and heating engineers need to consider your needs, lifestyle, your future expectations and meet the ever changing regulations for your safety, and the safety of your family. It is not a case of just slapping a big box on the wall and all will be well! It is a fallacy that you will achieve the published efficiency of boilers without the efficiency of appropriate controls on the system.

  I'm telling you this because a new boiler installation is your investment. We want to get it right for you, from the initial assessment stage, through to installation, and after care service. We find the extra attention pays dividends in the long run. Our prices are fair and competitive.

 To give you an insight here are just some of the information we require:- Lady at home review.jpg

  • Size of your property, number of bathrooms, and it's energy efficiency. 

  • Size of your family, heating and hot water requirements.

  • House and individual room usage and heating requirements

  • Kitchen and bathroom / shower needs

  • Assessment of your existing mains and or tank pressure

  • Location of boiler and any changes in pipework required.

  • Your controls, system cleaning and protection, and servicing.

couple at home review.jpg  Our customers appreciate the extra care, and highly recommend us, and you could join them. Take up my offer of a 'no obligation' full assessment for you today.

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   Although we recommend and are approved for Worcester Bosch Boilers, we also install and maintain other manufacturer's boilers, which we trust and recommend. Baxi, Vaillant, Viessmann. They all come with a  5yr Warranty, and with our exceptional 2yr Guarantee. 

      Have a look at this 'Step by Step' Guide on 'How to Buy a New Boiler', which may waylay some of your doubts and questions. We want you to feel confident in trusting us, so we pride ourselves on giving YOU, Quality Products, Reliable Installation, Backup and Aftercare service, by Engineers that are experienced, qualified and reliable Installers. Fully trained to advanced level. We have a proven track record, which you can check out below.

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Combi heating boilers

A combi boiler provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler, combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Therefore, no separate hot water cylinder is required, offering space saving within the property.

Regular heating boilers

Regular boilers heat your central heating system directly and produce hot water for your cylinder. If you are replacing an older model of boiler, the chances are that you will have a regular (also known as ‘conventional’) boiler.

System heating boilers

A system boiler heats your central heating system directly and produces hot water for your cylinder. A system boiler is different from a regular boiler because it doesn’t use a feed/expansion cistern in your attic and also contains a pressure gauge and pump.