The Importance of Rapid Flushing Your System


Rapid Flushing System

Your central heating system over time builds up with sludge and debris. This is caused by chemical reaction between dissimilar metals within the system. Copper, brass, aluminium and iron. Chemical inhibitors will slow down the process which produces this reaction, but over time the inhibitor becomes less effective.

All component parts of your heating system are effected by sludge and magnetite build up. Pump, radiators, pipes, valves and especially your boiler. Old cast iron boiler would take this abuse over years with no notable effect, that you would notice. New low water content modern boilers are a different matter, as the build up of these nasties can be seriously detrimental to their health. And more importantly your pocket with expensive repairs, reduced life span and reduced efficiency.

A single power-flush will remove an average of 3kg of sludge and other deposits from an ageing heating system. Where the system has incorrectly cold feed and vent pipe, or where no inhibitor has previously been added, anything up to 7kg of sludge can be removed.

The Magnacleanse rapid flush system is 5 times more effect and will remove virtually all suspended iron oxide particles and debris in one pass. What enters the filter is retained and prevented from re-circulating, by a powerful magnetic field.

Magnetic Filter

Now you don’t need to have an expensive power-flush every couple of years with an inhibitor top-up, as once the Magnacleanse rapid flush is done then a Magnaclean filter can be installed to continue protecting your system. Then when it comes to having your annual boiler service the filter is cleaned, inhibitor topped up, and the protection continued.

We believe that rapid flushing and installing a Magnaclean Filter is a must for modern central heating systems and boilers. We therefore incorporate them in any new boiler quote, for your future peace of mind. Even if you have had a new boiler installed recently we still can carry out a rapid flush and install a Magnaclean Filter. Better late than never. Prevention is better than cure and it will definitely improve your system.

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