Moggridge Plumbing goes Limited!

After 18 years as a Sole Trader we have now taken the inevitable step of going Limited – and in a recession. Can’t be bad. Not that it’s been an easy progression.

We were told not long ago, by the big fish at Microsoft (that host our website), that they are going to upgrade their service and we would have to move our website to their new business 365 office services. Panic. Good stuff! No not really, because they were reducing the facilities we had with the old website, and they intended to charge us a monthly fee for the pleasure. Not that I’m against be charged, but Microsoft there are more hosting companies out there, offering better deals.

Eventually we decided on ‘Hostpapa’ web hosting. I have found them to be very helpful with us transferring our website, and the control panel etc is very easy to work with. The transition albeit a bit of a nightmare, at first. I suppose it’s dealing with change of habit! Anyway it’s done now and I hope Google and the other search engines are quick to push us back onto the front page for your searches.

Now I have the task of transferring my blog posts over to our new site blog. This being one by WordPress, and another which is on the website.

With all this going on we have the task of changing all our records over from ‘P Moggridge Plumbing Services’ to ‘Moggridge Plumbing Limited’. Everything now is a lot more formal paper-wise, but we have not changed. I will still treat it as a family business with family business ethos. 

Anyway this is all going on in the background. Work still carries on. So it’s goodbye to ‘P Moggridge Plumbing Services’. You served us well.

New web address is still , but it has been upgraded and changed. Any comments on improvements are always welcomed.

Philip Moggridge

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