We Use Copper – 10 Good Reasons Why



The Plumbing and Heating industry has and is, evolving year by year, but for reliability, longevity and a professional looking finish, Moggridge Plumbing Limited continue to use copper, despite the innovations of other forms of water transference. Why?

 Yes, it seems more expensive, time consuming to install, and needs a professional to handle it correctly, but for your piece of mind, and your future security, is it not worth it?

 The type of material used for the plumbing and heating systems of any construction project needs to be something the installer can trust and rely on. For any domestic situation, copper is the preferred material for plumbing and heating systems because:-

1. It is Reliable  – Copper tube and fittings have been tried and tested for over 40 years, and we say it out performs other materials. It’s strong, adaptable and tough and copper gives consistently good results in plumbing, heating and gas installations. Copper fittings have to meet a standard of quality, they are scientifically tested, and fully accepted world-wide.

2. It is Versatile –  There’s nothing like copper for plumbing versatility. Copper tube and fittings can be used in every part of plumbing, heating and gas systems. For a skilled plumber, copper is the best material to work with. It’s strong, malleable, and can be bent with ease. And it looks better too.

3. It is Durable – Copper is long lasting. Being strong and resistant to damage, Moggridge Plumbing Limited is confident copper tube and fittings will last for decades. Copper’s long history as a plumbing material means its durability is well proven. You want trouble-free, worry-free installations. and we want happy customers.

4. It has no Health issues – Copper is a natural material – it’s been used to make drinking vessels, pipes and water containers for thousands of years. No other plumbing material can beat copper’s superb health record. Copper tube and fittings will help keep your water-supply safe: another good reason to trust copper.

5. It is a long term investment – Everyone knows copper means quality, but it’s head and shoulders above any other material when you compare its price and performance. Copper gives an excellent result – yet the total cost of a copper installation can be competitive in relation to other materials. In the hands of a skilled installer, copper gives you a reliable system at a reasonable price. And that’s what you want – value for money.

6. It is Recyclable – Unlike other plumbing materials, copper keeps its value. Copper is completely recyclable, which benefits both the environment and the plumbing profession. You benefit too: your homes are more valuable with genuine copper plumbing, and more and more people today are concerned about the world’s natural resources. It minimises our environmental impact because it is a fully recyclable material. Moggridge Plumbing Limited is committed to recycling all materials where possible.

7. It is resistant to heat, corrosion, pressure and fire – Copper’s usage is based on all these combinations of properties that make it our choice. Firstly having the ability to handle extremes of heat with no side-effects, is a big plus. Equally important, copper’s resistance to corrosion,high water-pressure and makes it ideal in all situations including gas installations. It doesn’t burn, it keeps its shape and strength in high temperature environments and it gives long life in service. All round, copper offers a remarkable list of advantages to you. It all adds up to peace of mind.

8. It’s Non-permeable – Copper gives excellent protection against contaminants to the domestic water supply. Nothing can get through: no fluids, no germs, no oxygen, no ultra-violet rays – nothing. Copper doesn’t absorb organic substances, and cannot be softened by them in service. You can paint, vanish and polish it without any adverse effects.

9. It looks Professional – Copper is the natural choice for Moggridge Plumbing Limited for our professional plumbing and heating work. Whenever quality counts, we choose copper systems and our trained professionals install them. For you, reliability is the number one consideration. We choose copper because of its proven track-record.

10. It is Industry supported – Copper tube and fittings come from a world-wide industry with decades of experience – and a long-term commitment to supplying quality products at competitive prices. The industry invests in the plumbing profession in all sorts of ways – training, technical support, improving standards and helping to develop codes of practice. The copper industry believes in copper’s future. Above all, the industry believes in professionals like us. When we choose copper, you have the industry’s 100 per cent support behind us.

 So the next time you get an ‘unbelievable’ quote for your plumbing and heating job, just ask if it is being installed in copper. Sometimes it is the hidden work that you don’t see, that is important. For peace of mind you call always call – Moggridge Plumbing Limited.