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Looking After Your Shower

February 22, 2012
Shower Tile Cleaning
Shower Tile Cleaning Made Easy

I started writing this article on 'How to keep your Shower looking like new' and I've scrapped it and started over. Why? Because I've found an even easier way of returning your shower tiles, grouting and seal back to that new look. I've read many articles covering the same topic, involving lots of elbow work, and various chemical concoctions. Some lethal, some green, and some that would rot the soles of your feet. I've had enough. So I carried out, what I expected would be the perfect cleaner, and tested it. With excellent results.

It doesn't include lots of elbow work, scrubbing until your arms ache.

It doesn't involve getting into your birthday suit. Although you can if you really want.

It doesn't use strong, powerful, fluorescent cleaners, with muscle men on the label.

It does involve scrapping and stripping out the old grout and sealant and starting again.

We all get it, nice black mildew, lime-scale and orange staining on the tile grout and sealant. Heart breaking. So what do we do? We go and buy expensive cleaning agents, that don't work. Then we buy more, stronger, more expensive cleaning agents, which I think make matters worse. Yes, they may clean the grout, but the corrosive properties of the chemicals, what are they doing to your grout and seal? Eating it away of course. So then you have to re-grout and re-seal. Vicious circle. So what's the answer. Simple.

I bet in your kitchen cupboard you have a bottle of thick bleach that you buy, quite cheaply, every week or so, from your local supermarket. Kills 99% of household germs, so they say, and you use it to clean work tops, sinks, toilets and bathrooms. You may even use it for 'bleaching' clothing.

Well, for your information, it not only kills those germs, it get rid of all that mould growing on your grout. I'm not going into how it happens, because your not interested, it's only results your after. It's not corrosive, but it is an irritant, so be careful not to get it on your skin. Always read the label to check before use, on the type of surfaces it is suitable for. Anyway this is how I returned my shower back to that new look.

Before I left for work, I grabbed the bottle of thick bleach, and drizzled it across the tiles, from above, where the grout starts to discolour. Then gently with a brush (washing up type with the plastic handle), I directed the bleach across and down the grout lines and seals, being careful not to get it on my skin or clothing.. When I returned from work that day I used the shower hose to spray the walls. JOB DONE.

Psst. For you men out there, that are house trained, this is a godsend. Don't tell the wife. Let her carry on thinking, you've been scrubbing for England, but don't get it on your clothing, otherwise you'll be for it. What you do with this extra time, whilst your waiting for the bleach to do it's work, is up to you.

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Good Luck

Philip Moggridge

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