Unfortunately until further notice we have ceased trading

Company History


From starting out in an old Vauxhall Carlton estate, moving up to a beaten up Toyota van, and the problems I had with it, I bit the bullet and leased a new Vauxhall Arena van. Did my problems cease? – no chance. Within the first year the fifth gear went, travelling down to Bournemouth. Not much fun travelling at 30mph all the way! And back. It played up nearly every year of the 10 years I had it, and it was broken into, at least 3 times –I just hope they got good use out of my tools. Lost a very good contract with a local old established departmental store, which went into liquidation (not my fault), had and lost two apprentices on the way......but I'm still here 17 years later, bigger and better for the experience. I must be doing something right!

I've always maintained that if I provided a good quality service, using good quality materials, and give a good aftercare service to you, then I have built a strong customer-base and reliable business. And that is how we wish to continue.

It seems to be working as progress has now taken us from being a 'Sole Trading' business into the realms of becoming a Limited company, full of bureaucracy and VAT, and now back again to 'Sole Trading. You live and learn!



Philip Moggridge


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